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The Cost of Poor Financial Wellbeing

A recent survey undertaken by Harvard Kennedy indicated that 41% of the workforce are worried about financial matters, substantially more than any other consideration such as Health (24%), Career (26%), Relationship (20%) etc. The study highlighted the detriment to mental health of such concerns and the financial impact that this had on employers in days lost to stress and impacted productivity.

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Financial Worries

Out of those surveyed those worried about their finances:

They are 14.6x more likely to have sleepless nights

2.7 hours lost per week worrying about money

1 sick day per year because of financial stress

8.5x more likely to affect quality of work

12.4x more likely not to be able to finish daily tasks

The financial consequence of this was estimated at between 9 - 13% of payroll and have further impacts in areas such as staff retention.

Recent strides have been made tackling the wellness of employees in terms of health and we aim to assist in the area of financial wellness.



To that end we assist business owners and HR functions to help their people by promoting financial education and providing access to advice in the workplace.


It may be a simple conversation with one of our advisers that alleviates a perceived worry and makes all the difference.

The common financial priorities of employees from the Harvard Survey included:

* Getting out of debt

* Getting better at saving

* Long-term financial planning

* Not feeling ashamed about their finances

* Understanding financial language

We provide a library of guides so that employees are empowered with the information and confidence required to make financial decisions and plan for their futures. These guides are on a variety of different areas including:

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When can I retire, and what is the likely income I can expect. Should I consolidate my pensions from previous employment.


This can be for financial security and other reasons such as a deposit for a house


What type of protection policies do I need, if any?


What are the legitimate ways I can reduce my tax bill? Covering taxes such as Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Corporation Tax and Inheritance Tax


Assistance with planning to repay debts and which type of mortgage is right for you?


How to manage finances, budget and general information on how markets and the financial world works.

Analyzing Data

In addition to the library of guides we provide webinars on relevant financial topics, 1 to 1 calls so that employees can talk directly to a qualified adviser about any financial issue they face, and regular magazines aimed at improving knowledge of financial matters.

All of this is provided at no cost to the employer. 

If you would like to know more about our Financial

Wellness Programme please contact contact John Boss on 0333 358 2233 or via

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“Unlike many other financial advisors I have worked with, Hulya has taken time to understand my needs and also potential concerns so that I can plan effectively for the future. Having worked with Hulya as my financial advisor, I now feel better equipped with my financial future.”

- Natalie Butler

“Adam Shamil gave me exceptional educational advice about my finances and estate planning goal. His knowledgeable advice saved me a significant amount of money in tax and helped me organise my finances in a way where my money now works for me! He was very genuine with his advice and dealings with me and he really listened to all my concerns and he was able to tailor his advice for my specific needs. I have already highly recommended Adam to work colleagues and I will continue to work with him and use his services!.”

- Olivia Green

“Adam Shamil has worked hard to make me a personalised financial portfolio, that has consistently rewarded me through the storms of the financial market and pandemic. He has a diverse knowledge base across different asset classes including the stock market, property investment / mortgages and cryptocurrency. He has also helped me with financial planning and future proofing my investments, by displaying an in depth knowledge of pensions, inheritance tax and capital gains. I found it all confusing at first, until having a detailed conversation with Adam, who created a professional solution that no amount of internet searching or asking mates would have found! I have also used his services to secure insurance policies protect my family in case of critical illness, or not being able to work. He has sensitively helped me with my will and power of attorney as well, things we don't want to think about, but are important to plan for. I was skeptical about the concept of a financial advisor at first, but I have to say, it is a burden off my shoulders to not have to think about this, and know that my best interests are always prioritised. The decisions we make today have many repercussions in the future, and honest financial advice has made my money work harder for me, and looked after those I care about.”

- James


“Aegis are a breath of fresh air and a cut above the rest. Their advice has helped us grow our business every year since inception. A true and trusted advisor to me”

Alex Scott-Whitby – Architect and Business Owner at Scott-Whitby Studio 

Family Video Call

“John unravels the complexities and speaks straight – English even when describing innovative investment plans.”

Nick Pulley - Founder of Selective Asia and Founding Partner of One Bottle at a Time

“John is a very knowledgeable and professional IFA who we’ve dealt with for a number of years now. His advice and expertise has been invaluable to us and is always given in a very clear and personable way. John is always available and happy to answer any questions and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”

— Andy Thorpe, Freelance Planner & Project Manager

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